Playing Dress Up

It’s time to sort through party invites and decide on the perfect costume. Which is much more difficult when the real goal is to make my crush go all dork seizure while I pose demurely purring, “Oh, this old thing?” Sure, I could go for the easy kill, but I’m sure there will be 15 other bimbo cheerleaders there with Emerald viewer-enhanced bouncing breasts.

I thought about appealing to my guy’s inner demon, like with the new limited edition costume from Haven + SLink.


Then I tried an evil mashup, using the $50L Friday skin from 5th & Oxford and the Linc fightclub version of the petite dress.


Appropriate, yes. But, you know, this is probably the exact picture he gets in his mind when I IM to say, “Seriously, is she flirting with you in front of me?” Next.


Going ’80s is always fun, though big-haired sweetness probably won’t leave him picking up his jaw.

I even thought about going Saloon Whore, but, well, isn’t the idea to try a new look for Halloween?


Credits: (1) SLink and Haven Medusa Avatar (subbing in my shape); (2) 5th & Oxford Little Miss Horror skin, Linc Petite Fightclub from blogger pack, 69 Model hair, Candy Nail color change, Tart stockings from the Monique set, Dernier Cri freebie zombie av eyes; (3) Raspberry Aristocrat Krissi hair, Lily 80s skin from Exodi group gift, Poetic eyes, Ruined Cavalier boots, Look blue sweater, Zaara jeans; (4) Dernier Cri Natasha hair, Exodi Lily chocolate skin, Snatch Miss Maverick, Candy Nail color change.


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