What do you do when your crush is roleplay sim addicted? Sometimes you have to offer options.

You could take me shopping.


You could take me horseback riding.


Maybe take me home?


Or …


Credits: (1) SySy’s Tweedy set (blog set), Maitreya Verve shoes, Candy Nail french, Armidi Gordie print bag, Eclectica jewelry, Tortoiseshell (DSN gift), JE Republic Fran hair, Belleza Jesse skin; (2) SG Shake It shirt, League Garage jeans, Decoy Jully boots, Truth Yvonne hair, Belleza Jesse skin; (3) Blacklisted Bad Things lingerie, Cake Faith II hair (modded heavily for shoot), Belleza Jesse skin, Candy Nail french; (4) Belleza Jesse skin, Truth Freda hair and a homemade pillow.


2 responses to “Explorer

  • Salvatore Otoro

    Being a role play addict myself, I would suggest some kind of activity that includes role play outside the role play sim. All these sims are made to be addicting due to the storylines and how they relate to the different characters. Perhaps starting a little storyline of your own for him to engage in might sway him from the sim to your arms. Find out what he likes and use it as a weapon. Never forget, all’s fair in love and war.

  • felesseitan

    Bedtime stories seem effective … I’ll have to work on those …

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