How do you dress for complacency? When things are new and going OK, and you want to look like you aren’t even trying?



I have a substantial stockpile of stuff to throw on when I build, when I watch Twilight, when I read notecards. Or when I’m waiting to see someone but don’t want to appear too eager, or like I have nothing better to do.

Someone on that Secrets plurk suggested loungewear is easy to create and useless. Right. Loungewear is an important mood setter. Do I meet him in footed PJs or comfy sweats? How much do I leave to the imagination?


Credits: Photo one, Dernier Cri Madison hair, Belleza Jesse skin, Poetic moss eyes, Candy Nail long prim colorchange, Akeyo chucks, Elymode lounging pants, Lookr paint shirt, LAP pose. Photo two, Cake Papercut hair, Belleza Jesse skin, Candy Nail long prim colorchange, Worldwide Industries off shoulder top and sweatpants, Soreal superstars, Artilleri ironing supplies, RC Cluster washer, and LAP pose.

Note: Lookr paint shirt provided as review copy, all other items purchased, gifts from friends or freebies, except for Elymode stuff, which I would so purchase if I didn’t get her clothing in exchange for personal favors.


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