Deja Vu

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A Lycan, a Gorean, a photographer and an alt are in a bar …


Meet the men in my life. The men who find me after I unfriend them. The men who hold my name in reserve for those five awkward minutes when they find themselves alone. The men who forget the definition of stupidity.

I refused each of your partner demands. I reminded you that every time you hit on me you end up fathering prim babies with someone the next day — hell, probably while you’re in my IM. I called you out when you claimed to look me up out of nowhere to pursue me, yet knew my favorite flower and furniture shop. I told you that having to pretend to be single for business is a dating fail. Yet, you are still here.

Please. Just. Stop.

I recently learned someone I defended as a decent guy simply isn’t. I can’t say we were terribly close. We were never involved. Yet it’s still a loss. It reminds me to keep the walls high and reinforced with wiseass remarks.

Tonight, it feels like closing time.

Credits: Belleza Jesse deep tan skin, Magika Lust hair, Akeyo hat, Valiant designer showcase jacket, elymode lounging panties, Maitreya Shanti shoes, Candy Nails, and Luth Rockabilly (men’s) pose.


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