Kickin’ It

Boys are dumb*

See, they have great opportunities and blow them. They say things they don’t mean. Or they don’t know when to STFU. Here is what Ely and I have to say to all that nonsense …


You know who you are. And we hope in your next life you come back as girls. Ugly girls. With hot mothers. And an inability to orgasm.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to dress up all cute and mock dumb boys openly. And pretend we aren’t interested when you IM us for a date.


*Important editor’s note: All boys are dumb, except for Truth. Because he makes hair we love. Truth, not dumb. Oh, and if you are planning to ask me out, you might not be dumb. Call me ūüėČ

Credits: On Ely –¬†*elymode* lounging zipped sweater – sage,¬†*elymode* lounging cami – pink, Decoy Inferno 88 Jeans – Charcoal,¬†Tuli Hope ¬†tan/bl avenue,¬†Burroughs iMix3 – Shanti Necklace,¬†Maitreya Gold – Shanti Green,¬†TRUTH [not dumb] Gabby – night,¬†poetic color eyes – poison ivy. On Feles – Rockberry Uma DDOS hunt skin, tan, *elymode* tied-V long sleeve black, poetic dry soil summer eyes, Miel pocket pants, Bax prestige boots, Nala square glasses, Truth Alyssa hair black.


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