… won’t you take me home tonight …

After a weekend purge, my inventory still felt overloaded. Projects half completed, even some completed that I’ve never bothered to sell. Textures I don’t remember buying. Let’s not even talk about the clothes. Like so many exes, I saw item after item that once had meaning to me.

The cure for SLennui? Makeovers, duh! I decided to give the big-girl challenge a go.


What better for a larger size av than *snickers* Maitreya BF jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff, but like another neighboring store, the styles aren’t traditionally big-girl friendly.

On the other hand, I found Zaara’s Hansika gown very easy to adjust.


I actually like the shape. I’ve sworn off man hunts for a short time, but I might have to test this look. Just to see the difference.



Pic 1, Blowpop skin, fri.day hooded henley (and hair/hood) with Armidi long-sleeved crew under, Maitreya bf jeans, Tomboy sneaks.

Pic 2, Obscene skin, ETD hair, Zaara gown, p.c. necklace and earrings, EarthStones bracelet, and gloves from a Baiastice gown.

Dove Poop Hunt poses for both.


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