Oh Hell No

ohhellno2Yes, I decided to test the new shape. No IMs, except from an old friend. Every few months, this Gorean master gets a little too cocktailed and proposes to me. Usually as one of his alts. It goes something like this …

drunkMasterAlt: I’m sending you SL partner demand. xoxo

Me: You are already partnered. SL hasn’t added a poly option yet.

drunkMasterAlt: like it or not I’ll be after you, though I’m not on too often cause I work too much.

Wait, wait, there’s more.

drunkMasterAlt: Can I have 25L?

Me: Why?

drunkMasterAlt: It cost 25L to partner you.

I asked him why he didn’t comment on my shape. His reply? “I don’t mind if no one sees us.” And you wonder why I’m single.


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