Hola Papi

It’s Camisk week, and it reminds me how times have changed. Used to be, before the days of age verification, a girl could hang at the Gor Hub for two minutes tops without a collar and get inappropriate IM offers faster than Truth releases new hair.

Being the total princess I am, decided to celebrate the occasion with silks. When last I posted, I was wearing a gorgeous set from Haven.

I was all set for trouble, but no, Solange has to put newness out.


Would it be wrong to change mid flirt? I can wade through prospective asshats with lightening speed. Committing to an outfit? I don’t know. I mean, these two designers collectively hold an embarrassingly large chunk of my inventory.

I gush over Solange all of the time, and she sorta knows it. Her texture work is impeccable, how can I not? What she doesn’t know is that she almost became my baby daddy. I had the pleasure of posing with her and Ely. And I have this pregnancy HUD. And I was thinking, how funny would it be … I mean, she was right there. I couldn’t ask for better breeding ~ her sense of style, her talent, paired with my ability to purchase random objects …

But alas, possibly disturbed by my drooling and general fangirl dork seizure, she TPd away too soon.

Credits: *Solange!* Kadriya silks, Exodi Lily skin, Dernier Cri Cloud II hair, Poetic eyes, Precision nails, !Negko Design Tattoo 70b, LAP Bolly All the Time pose and Distressed texture.


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