How Low Can You Go


Sometimes I feel I spend too much of my SLife in limbo. Waiting for inspiration on the next build. Watching my sim rental counts to see whether I should continue on or try something new. Boxing up prefabs I never seem to set out for sale. Wondering whether my latest-next-ex will show up this week.

I’m always fixin’ to do something.

I think purgatory is totally underrated. I have the comfort of knowing I could build something great, if I wanted. I can change my sims around, later. I’ll find a great guy, when I’m ready. 

I decided last night that I need a plan, some direction for the business side of my SL experience. Sure I’d like to get serious about my stores, but with so much great content out there already I suffer from a ‘lil bout of insecurity and why bother. I bounce between “SL should be fun” and “crap, tier is due, I better make something.” 

My plan? Sort through my sales inventory for keepers and fixers, then put a main store on my sim. Of course, I’m waiting until I hear back from exSLhubs to see if he’s keeping that land …

Credits: Cake Paper Cut hair, Curio June skin, Poetic eyes, Skin Flicks Jane Ruffel shirt, DeLa ruffle skirt, Maitreya Frenzy Banana shoes, Eclectica tortoise shell bracelet, LAP pose and Distressed textures. 


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