Into the Woods


I enjoy the occasional role play and have been known to visit sims that’ll get me kicked from the JuniorSLeague. What always surprises me is the number of people who drop by a clearly marked role play sim and expect not to role play. It’s like a sea of newbs who have lost their luggage, all wandering aimlessly around baggage claim hoping someone will instruct them. I can be a helpful girl and don’t mind offering guidance … but there are limits.

Case in point, I was casually chatting with an SL stripper at *SIM name withheld to protect my reputation*. I was bored, and assumed perhaps he could hold a decent conversation; I mean come on, he emotes taking off pixel clothing for a living. Then, without warning …

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: *hops on blue ball and begins humping air furiously while fully clothed*    mmmm do you like that?

Me: Huh?

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: I shove my huge *bleep* deep inside of you.

Me: Whoa, maybe we should work up to that? 

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: Oh. Take off your clothes.

Me: Perhaps you would have better luck if you participated in the removal of my clothes? 

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: Oh.    

*insert crickets chirping*

Me, after five minutes of watching him continue to hump air: *TPs the hell out — OK I lie, I logged out, fled like the girl I am*

I won’t claim to be an expert role player, but if I visit a role play sim, I will read the rules, dress appropriately and start mapping out a quick character in my head so I can be prepared. I missed the part in the rules that says all role play must evolve around humping. Maybe I need to find a good foreplay sim. 

Is there anyone out there who plays for the fun of developing a character, engaging with others in creative storytelling? 

Character – Feles, a wise-cracking flirt who never puts out. Self-centered ‘lil princess, sorta bossy and usually gets her way. Looking for prince charming, call me 😉  

RP Limits – Five minutes of boring conversation and I TP out. Fake partnerships dissolved after one week with no role play. 

PS, there are resources to help you with role playing. Like Salvatore’s blog.

Credits: LAP LymeAware pose, Curio June Pure skin, Poetic eyes, Lamb hair (I’m addicted), Nella’s Red Riding Hood with Cloak costume (heavily modded for the pic), and Second Expressions emoter hud. 


4 responses to “Into the Woods

  • Solange Cerveau

    hahaha! Feles you are so funny. I love this blog of yours. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Salvatore Otoro

    Feles, great post as always. I have experienced the waves of noobs that arrive as if they had been recently shoved from a high-speed moving vehicle into the sim. I think these vehicles are most times inhabited by thieves whom steal their clothing. That being said, I do try to help new players out as well but we all have our limits and your stripper noob had exceeded his interaction with you. Unfortunately, I find that a lot of new players come into the sim wanting to do what they want without a good set up and a role to play.

    I compare role play to a movie. Most movies, except a porno movie, involve a plot and dialog that revolves around it. In a role play sim where the movie is playing 24 hours a day and there are multiple plots and storyline getting in is easy and difficult at the same time. Difficult because you are walking into the middle of all these different plot and subplots; the story continues whether you are there or not. It takes some time to look around a sim and figure out what is being played out and how you will fit in. The easy part though is that with so many different plots, you are not stuck with a specific type of role to play. You are free to begin your own story if you want, and build it from there on.

    Sims such as City of Lost Angels and many others have free form role play which allows you to build your own character and play it as you see fit. Lost Angels is a dark role play sim. That being said, it is not a sex sim like Hard Alley. Players will want some role play and an exchange of words and actions to lead up to sex. In time, some of these players that come to role play sims looking for quick sex will tire of the rules and requests to play their part and will eventually move to other places appropriate for their ‘game’. It is a learning process for them and a slight interruption for us.

  • felesseitan

    I truly appreciate your thoughtful reply. Have you covered in your blog the graceful way to pass between stories if you find you aren’t connecting with the initial group of players you meet, but don’t want to necessarily exclude them from future play?

    • Salvatore Otoro

      I have not, but I think that is a great topic for my next post. I will work on putting something together to help others enter or begin their role play in a sim. I do have one post on developing your character which is a good start to begin role play. It’s not necessary but it is an aid to your character.

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