What have they got that I ain’t got?


When last we met, I was opining about control and personal accountability. I find myself continually balancing my desire to go find what I want vs. my preference for hiding out alone on my build site merely talking about what I would have in a perfect world. And what is it I want? A guy who cares about his appearance because, let’s face it, they ALL care about ours. A guy who is interesting and funny and makes me laugh. Oh yeah, and a guy who isn’t an alt. 

Where might I find one of these elusive creatures? Shopping! Shopping is always the answer. I parked myself at a popular, primarily-for-men store for shapes and stuff, and waited patiently to meet Mr. Right.

How did that work out for you, Feles, you ask? 

this is what hits on me

Not so well, friends.

I gave up and went off to pick up pieces for an evening of flaunting what the good slider gods gave me.


Dressed and ready for fun, I hit search for new places to go. Girls, where do you go to meet men? Seriously. I have a knack for finding alts. I searched my favorite music, checked the map first to see if the place looked crowded enough for fun but not enough to cause ruth/ghost status. 

Well, I found a lot of interesting sounding places with no traffic. I found places that pushed the bling limits. Nowhere did I find a single, attractive male who didn’t make me wanna holler, “Freebird!”


Top – Gala Doe skin, Lamb babys on fire hair; poetic eyes; Armidi Limited men’s T and crew; League garage jeans; Tomboy sneaks. LAP Way Cute pose.

Bottom – Truth Isabella hair, top from GothiCatz Melody, glitch pants as tights from Ely (not yet released), and Abyss catalyst boots, EarthStones Mara hoops and Jharna bracelet. LAP Shhh pose. 


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