~ Control Me~


I’ve been told that I dress too provocatively. Really now? Being the smart alec, sort of passive aggressive, hates-to-be-told-what-to-do girl that I am, I set out to create a look that would make my friend less concerned that I spend my evenings alone catting around. 


Why, in our little fantasy world, do we let people dictate how we’ll act, what we’ll wear? Where we’ll spend our time? Why do we sit around waiting for Mr. Wonderful, when chances are he will be an alt who never has time for us and will stop logging in when the girlfriend of his main account comes back from vacation?

Why do we so readily hand off control of our happiness to others? 

I guess we think by doing so something will be different this time, better next time, what we really want eventually … Or, perhaps, we do it because, when we claim control for our actions, we also have to accept the blame for the results. 


Top – Gala June Doe skin; poetic eyes; Sey retro 2 piece; Lamb Babys on Fire hair.

Bottom – Gritty Kitty Penny hair; Nala Samantha glasses; Moderno thermal; Dutch Touch woolen cardigan; CS & LaLa Chill crops;  SF Designs frilled socks w/o the frill; Tomboy sneaks.


2 responses to “~ Control Me~

  • Lynn_1277

    Hello Feles. I am a 31 year old female and I have absolutely loved reading your adventures. As a matter of fact, I have employed several of your techniques and have enjoyed some success with them. But lately you have been slacking lol. I want more juicy stories 🙂 I am confused about a couple things though. First, didn’t you begin your adventures taking the advice of a friend and showing more T&A? Second, isn’t catting around what these exploits have been all about? Why does it matter what a friend thinks about you dressing provocatively? I say, get out the slutty wardrobe and let’s hit the clubs. I am anxiously awaiting your next installment.

  • felesseitan

    Lynn I love your comment! Don’t worry, I’m not becoming a nun. Sometimes I pick something totally random and just play it out. I’ll be hitting the streets soon.

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