Women in Cages


I accepted an invitation to dance with my future exSLhubs at Established-Dive-Blues-Joint-not-set-in-a-Junkyard. We’re dancing, I’m swatting his nose for looking up my skirt, we’re having a nice time and suddenly I get TPd home mid dance. Try to TP back … banned! 

Um. I’ve never gotten in trouble in any sim. Well, not caught. I’ve been frequenting this establishment for two years. The only person with ban rights claims she didn’t do it, it must be an SL glitch, so sorry, looking into it, blahblahblah. Sigh. 

I’ve always said that if I ever end up in the big house, I’m finding the biggest baddest butchiest babe in the joint, hopping in her lap and calling her Daddy. And I like a good Women in Prison fantasy as much as the next girl. This is not how my scene begins. Though, strangely enough, I did get an offer from someone who wanted to be cast as my warden.  

I think I better load up on smokes and snack cakes.


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