First off, thanks ever so much to those guys who read my ‘lil blog and contacted me in-world with, “Hey stranger, how are you? Now bend over!”


Without going into details, I recently got schooled on how to please a man. It seems my usual look lacked something.


If this look doesn’t purr, “I want to SLex you … now … fetch your boy parts and grab a blue ball” …

Maybe he was right. I get complacent. I have an inventory in excess of 100k if I count what’s in storage boxes yet wear the same three outfits for weeks. What can I say, I feel silly and desperate standing around alone in a low-cut dress and FMPs hoping someone will log as an alt and ask me out for coffee. 

So in my quest to bone up on how to land a man, I offer my new look for lounging around the house. 



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