Whip It, Grandpa

The invitation: ’80s. Roller skating. Country & Western. BDSM. 


I took a night off from field trials for some girl time. Who could resist the call of The Call, purple skates and eyeshadow to match? While losing myself in the sounds of *ahem* that time of my life, I was hit with IM reminders that some guys need a handbook. 

Boys, let’s review the rules, shall we? And these, btw, are offenders from today only.

1. Just because we flirted once does not mean you can try to do me in IM. Seriously. Try “hello, how have you been, stranger?” before you bend me over, k? Right now there are about eight of you going, “Doh!” Why do you do that? 

2. I don’t care to be diapered. Gotta watch those typos, tiger. 

3. “Maybe I should come flirt with you as an alt,” [because he’s not available as his main av] is quite possibly not as flattering as you think it is. 

4. Leaving me to be with someone else, because you felt bad about standing with me and ignoring me while you chatted in IM with someone else shouldn’t even have to be explained. 

5. Sucks for you that your girlfriend isn’t around these days. Don’t try to call me in like a stunt double. 

Right. Learn it. Know it. Live it.


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