~You’re so Vain~

vainWe all want to believe we’re memorable. We invest in our avs, we try to be engaging and witty. And then this happens.

HotGuyWhoChecksRandom FriendsOnList: I was trying to remember where I met you …

Um yeah.

OK, he wasn’t that kind of friend. But still. 

I suppose we all see, or hope to see, a little of ourselves in most situations we encounter. We want to believe that we’ve left someone smiling. That someone thinks about us when we’re not around. That we’ve made an impact.

I’m surprised by the number of guys who contact me to ask, “Hey, that blog was about me, wasn’t it?” If you have to ask, it’s not. I’m not targeting anyone. I’m not hoping to rekindle a long lost love affair. It’s me being silly and random and sharing the events that make me laugh or think. With the five of you who read this on a regular basis. (heart you!)


2 responses to “~You’re so Vain~

  • elysium

    me me me!!! it’s all about me right??? *jumps up and down in front of you flailing arms* isn’t everything about meeeeeeee?!?!?!?

  • felesseitan

    Yes Ely, even when you aren’t mentioned by name, which you have been in nearly every post, you are always implied ❤

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