Mama Said There’d be Days Like This


Give me an asshat and I know exactly what to do. What I find truly disarming is a man who is nice. Talkative. Able to match my banter. 

The evening began as usual. Now don’t be shocked kids, but sometimes I visit fetish clubs. I’m probably the only main av who does so openly without being forced in on a leash. My close friends aren’t surprised. *Turn off highlight transparent, Ely!* 

So, I’m standing around people watching when the IMs start.

Master Wannabee: “Are you into BDSM?”

Me: “What’s that?” 

Master Neverbeen: “What are you looking for, slut?”

Me: “The exit.”

MasteringFrom MamasBasement: “You are now my slave.” 

Me: “Huh?”

And then. You find someone you can actually speak to. Someone equally playful. 

Master OMGandRawr: “Insert intelligent dialog …

Me: Insert dork seizure and lip diddling …

You see, I don’t know what to do when someone is nice. Interesting. Engages me in an intelligent way. For every point, a counterpoint. An erotic mental dual that leaves me all mush.

Bitterness is easy. Letting down my guard, I don’t know. History says bad, bad move, always. For the moment I will smile to myself and bask in the fantasy that perhaps there are some men who can role play not being an asshat for a few minutes a day. Sure, they are probably all alts. But maybe.


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