Who’s Your Daddy?!?!

When last I wrote I mentioned the IMFWBers. They don’t want to be in the same space, less the significant other find out. Usually they toss a couple of quick lines, like “Are you wet?” or “Want to see my dick?” I give a polite no and continue clearing away the day’s notecards.

Then sometimes I get a request I simply cannot ignore. Black lingerie. Stilettos. Smoking. Strap on. In front of a mirror. Make me your little bitch. 


Oh how could I not take a pic of that setup. So while Ely sorted through what was left of her blogger gifts, hanging on my build site, I whipped out my new gift — black studded manbit.  Mind you, she never batted an eyelash as I manned up for the fantasy shot. 

His request … 


… my best offer … 



3 responses to “Who’s Your Daddy?!?!

  • Aenea Nori

    What can I say? I’m loving this blog. I have no idea how I got here, but I’m reading through all your super-literate, intelligent, snarky, entertaining posts and wondering why it is that you can’t find a guy who’s your equal in SL…

    But I can totally relate because I’ve lived through the same thing for all my SLife as well. 🙂

  • felesseitan

    I really appreciate the compliment. Secretly when I started this blog I figured I’d be writing for a month or so and then I’d finally have a great dating experience and would have to stop. You see how that’s worked out for me 😉

  • Aenea Nori

    hahaha I totally understand you.

    To date, the only worthwhile male I’ve found in SL, with whom I fell very much in love, turned out to be a girl.

    Which is par for the course for me, since I’ve only ever been able to connect with women in SL anyway… 🙂 There’s a lot less aggravation that way, I think.

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