So, Ely and I were engaging in our usual boys suck chat, trying to figure out why I never get so much as an IM. Could it be the man-hating dialog with the tribe recorded in my profile pics? Possibly the fact that I spend every moment not shooting with Ely or shopping hidden on my build platform? 

Well no, according to Riv, my male bestfriend and notorious skirt chaser. 

Here’s usual me. 


Yeah, I’ve been told a time or two that I dress like I’m off to paint a house. But I’m usually building, and feel silly dolled up for it.

Riv’s solution?   


More T&A.

With Ely in IM, I sauntered into a blues joint to test out the new look courtesy of Riv. This is f3. I won’t share what it means *cough* be quiet, Ely *cough* but let’s call it the third evolution of my av.

The result? More IMs than I could track. A couple of new friends on the list. And ending the evening dancing to Tom Waits with a pretty interesting Canuck. Night one of field trial, success.

Damn you, Riv, for being right!


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